AM’D SL Carabiner


D-shaped carabiner for connecting devices to the harness
The shape and size of this carabiner make it great for most uses, from connecting a belay device to your harness to using it as a connector at the end of a lanyard. The D-shape makes it one of the strongest and lightest locking carabiners Petzl makes.

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Product Description

Product Description
D-shape has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all carabiner designs
Keylock system
Available with manual locking system (SCREW-LOCK) or auto-locking systems (BALL-LOCK, TRIACT-LOCK)
Perfectly suited for use with belay devices due to its symmetric shape on both ends of the carabiner
Material(s): aluminum
Certification(s): CE EN 362, CE EN 12275, type K (K and B for M34 SL), UIAA


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